ERAscience, Perimeter Institute and CNSI UCLA launch Los Angeles Collaboration

March 16, 2016

Environmental Research Advocates (, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and CNSI (California Nano Systems Institute), launched a revolutionary inner-city teaching program to support science education for underserved children.  Perimeter Institute is considered to be one of the world’s leading research organizations in the field of theoretical physics. The first educational training event of the initiative took place February 28th and 29th at CNSI UCLA. Outstanding teachers representing 13 school districts across greater Los Angeles, with Green Dot Charter Schools, Da Vinci Schools, and non profit Girls Inc also participating in the sessions. The goal is to enable teachers to take new concepts back to their classrooms and teach theoretical physics to Junior High School and High School students in underserved and often dangerous areas.

The sessions provided a unique, hands-on experience that demystifies and simplifies advanced concepts in math and science. The aim is to level the playing field for all underserved students who currently do not have access to these learning tools. 

California NanoSystems Institute, CNSI, established by former California Governor Gray Davis, is our full and dedicated partner and offers similar outreach workshops in the ever changing exciting field of nano science.

“Educating students today for the jobs of tomorrow requires a greater emphasis on STEM subjects.  This program provides educators with the necessary training in the field of science and experience they can bring back to the classroom,” says former First Lady of California Sharon Davis. “None of this would be possible without the vision and support from the Avchens and ERAscience." 

Science most definitely is fun and the potential of sharing it with young students is priceless!