Climate Scientists Call for Moratorium on California Fracking

November 14, 2013
Matthew Miller

ERA Science Board Member and Director of the Climate Institute Michael MacCracken, joined by 19 other US climate scientists, signed an open letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracking in California. The state is a leader in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the experts believe the governor’s support of fracking will have major negative impacts on the fight to slow down global warming.

Among the letter’s signees, in addition to MacCracken, is former NASA climate scientist James Hansen, Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science, Michael Mann of Penn State University, and other prominent scientists from Universities and Institutions across the United States.

“Allowing fracking in California threatens to undermine Gov. Brown's own crucial efforts to fight climate disruption,” said Professor Paul R. Ehrlich of Stanford University, who also signed the letter. “I respect the governor’s work on climate issues, but he should acknowledge the danger fracking pollution poses to his legacy as a leader in the battle to head off a climate crisis.” 

The letter calls for Gov. Brown to put a moratorium on all fracking in California until studies can determine a safer, more climate-conscious method of extracting fossil fuels from the earth. Although he has an excellent track record with environmental issues, Brown has come under scrutiny as oil and gas have begun fracking before any comprehensive scientific review.

To read the full letter, follow this link.